Her artistic talent was but one of her many virtues.

Rose Cecil O’Neill is known for the creation of Kewpie, the most famous cartoon until Mickey Mouse, and for her overall graphic skills. Yet her commitment went quite beyond illustration or art in general.

Born on 25 June 1874, she grew up in a large family of five other siblings…

Real life San Galgano’s legend of how his faith led his sword through solid rock.

Siena, Tuscany. Drive south-west for 45 minutes through hills, fields, and tree-lined roads out of a postcard. There are few cars on the snaking asphalt. The road’s last few hundred feet are lined with tall cypresses, a sign a destination is ahead. True enough, the tall Abbey of San Galgano…

Astoria is historic, multi-faceted, and immersed in the pristine Oregon wilderness.

The town of Astoria might be described by some as a sleepy town. Shy of two-hour drive from Portland, among the green landscape of the Beaver State (Oregon’s nickname), the arrival is relaxing and usually traffic-free.

Location, history, and nature are the most established interesting aspects of the town, but…

Ancient Romans technological mastery, engineering inventiveness, and architectural creativity ushered the current era of the architectural dome.

AA vast semi-spherical cover rising tall from the perimeter structure. Light floods in from the oculus or from the side openings. Perhaps the surfaces are elaborated with decorations or frescoes. Solemnity, awe, and wonder fill a perceptive and attentive visitor.

The experience of walking into a domed space is always…

Adventure, introspection, and a lot of time in your head.

I used to live in Portland, Oregon. I camped and traveled around the Pacific Northwest for three years and a half. Its mountain ranges, the Pacific Coast Ranges (officially the Pacific Mountain System) and the Cascades are carpeted by boundless forests. I know a few of the lakes and rivers…

Show Your City

Portland is quirky, multifaceted, and keeps your attention busy.

… Three days a month are dedicated to the arts.

Portland is a creative city. It hosts the Portland International Film Festival in late February. All the neighborhoods have public displays of art. Many of the city neighbourhoods celebrate the arts on a dedicated day of the month. In the Pearl District is First Thursday, while others have First Friday…

My first solo travel was through the friendly, historic, and green Ireland.

I was 23 years old the first time I traveled abroad by myself. I took a few days off from university and went to Ireland on a budget trip. I went there two days before meeting my friends, and about 200 other people, in Cork for the kick-off party of…

Unearthed among the rare findings by the famous Teotihuacan site in Mexico, the mask stands out for its simplicity.

An enigmatic object found at an secretive site built by unknown people. Is that enough level of mystery? Let’s see what this is about — or better, let’s give a look at the little we know.

First, the site: the Pyramid of the Sun (a lot has been written about…

Richard Bruschi

Freelance writer, photographer, architect, and Executive director at Finding Italy. Culture, nature, sports, Italy, England, and the Pacific Northwest.

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